Churches in Communities
Our main Sunday service is 10:30am
Mill Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7EB

ciclogotightChurches in Communities International (CiC) provides accreditation and accountability for Biblically-minded independent churches, ministries and networks, to ensure, endorse and encourage their good standing in the community. As CiC advances globally, it has three core values that it keeps to the fore: compassion, integrity and co-operation.

By joining CiC, the church at Emmanuel Christian Centre is committed to the values as follows:


Jesus honoured His Father in everything He did. Jesus had a heart for people. If we are to honour the Father, people must be at the heart of our ministry too. We cannot withhold God's love from anyone. CiC is committed to developing people-centred, community-relevant churches, ministries and networks. Our emphasis on mutual encouragement and shared expertise enables our members to press towards this goal.


 Christ-centred ministry requires integrity in every area: the lifestyle we develop through our personal relationship with the Lord, our accuracy of biblical interpretation, our transparency in matters of governance. CiC promotes integrity by providing accreditation for its member churches, ministries and networks through an initial application process and ensures on-going accountability through annual face-to-face reviews. CiC also provides ministers within member churches, ministries and networks with personal ministerial accreditation and accountability through an integrated process of application and review.


God's Spirit is the Spirit of unity. Independence and co-operation have to exist hand-in-hand if Kingdom principles are to be maintained. CiC works to bring its ministers, churches, ministries and networks together with other Kingdom-minded bodies, as well as with each other. In this way CiC offers both fellowship and partnership, creating greater opportunities for recognition, representation and influence.

From such a basis of unity, CiC represents its members to national governmental structures and inter-church agencies, such as, in the UK, the Evangelical Alliance and the Free Churches Group, promoting the distinctive voice of independent churches, ministries and networks.