What To Expect
Our main Sunday service is 10:30am
Mill Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7EB

Many people can feel slightly apprehensive of visiting a church for the first time, or even moving to a new church elsewhere. With so many different churches and so many church flavours it can be hard to know how each place operates! That's why we've put this page together, so that you an idea of what to expect when you visit us here in Ulverston.

The Dress Code

There is no strict dress code or bouncers at the door, just friendly stewards. You can basically wear anything you feel is right for church. We would generally suggest the biblical principal of modest dress is adhered to for everyone's comfort. In practice this means to avoid clothes which attract too much attention! Some people come in clothes they feel comfortable in, like jeans and a casual top, others come in smart dress with shirt and tie. Our view at ECC is that God is more interested in your spiritual wellbeing than the condition of your clothes.

The Worship

At Emmanuel we believe that worship is a lifestlye and not just a Sunday thing. However, the English word "worship" is derived from 'worth-ship' which means "to ascribe worth or value to something or someone." This means that Sunday services give us the opportunity for corporate worship which is often in the form of singing together. Worshippers may sometimes be invited to spontaneously express love and adoration to God and may occasionally speak in a different language under the direction of the Holy Spirit. You may notice some people raising their hands to God. This is a sign of their submission to Him and an act of reverence. With trained musicians and a range of modern instruments, music is a major feature of our service at Emmanuel. Whatever the accompaniment, God-inspired and worshipful singing is our aim. Any given service may include a mixture of traditional hymns, upbeat gospel songs, contemporary melodies or reverent and worshipful choruses.

The Sermon

During our Sunday meetings, as you would expect from most churches there is time set aside for biblical teaching/inspiration. The message is known as the sermon and is usually delivered by one of our Elders. At its core, the sermon is about speaking God's word to His people and the message will be endorsed in the Bible. Sermons can be convicting, challenging, inspiring and encouraging, and although spoken to a large audience the message is very personal. To receive the best that God has for you, we recommend that you listen to the sermon with a reflective and open heart, empty of any pre-conceived ideas or personal judgments. Some of our regular attendees bring their own Bible and notepad to jot down anything the Lord may speak to them personally, through the sermon. We frequently read from the Amplified or New King James Version of the Bible and all sermons are digitally recorded.

The Communion

Often called 'The Lord's Supper' or 'The Lord's Table', Communion is an important ordinance of the church. In fact, Jesus commanded all believers to observe it, "This do in the remembrance of me", He said. Communion is a memorial of His suffering and death, and a time to reflect on the price He paid for us. During communion we take a piece of bread representing Christ's body that was broken for us so that we can be part of His church. We then take a drink of wine (fruit juice) which represents the blood that Jesus shed for our forgiveness on the cross.

The bread and wine is distributed by the stewards and will be brought to you in your seat. There's no big fuss and if you feel that you would rather not partake, the steward will simply move along the line. In fact, the Bible instructs us to make sure we are right with God and each other before taking communion.

The Tithes & Offerings

Sometimes during the service an offering basket may be passed around or an announcement made to say where the basket will be. The money given goes towards the running and work of the church, as well as to support our missionaries or children we sponsor. Many church members give on a regular basis, not as a duty but as a way of expressing their obedience and love to the Lord. This regular giving is sometimes called the tithe although our Minister prefers that people give as they feel led. Visitors are free to just pass on the offering and there's no pressure! That being said, it is a privilge and blessing to contribute to the far-reaching and life-changing work of God.