Darren Roy - Senior Minister
Our main Sunday service is 10:30am
Mill Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7EB

20190406 124231 profileSLIMMERMy name is Darren Roy and I have the pleasure of serving as the Senior Minister here at Emmanuel Christian Centre. Formerly I studied Mechanical & Computer Aided Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire and I hold a Graduate Certificate in Management & Leadership from The Open University. Now I serve as an ordained minister through Churches in Communities International, which is part of the Free Churches Group, and I am the Chairman of the Emmanuel Christian Centre charity. My best friend and wife, Carol, is a qualified Nursery Nurse working from home and we have 4 children - Chelsie, Caitlin, Samuel and Sophia. Carol loves to see women embrace their identity in Christ and to discover more of who they are called to be.

I was originally brought up in Ulverston but spent my teenage years in Redditch, Worcestershire.  In Ulverston, as a young lad and at my mother's request, I attended the Methodist Church where I was a member of the Christian youth organisation called the Boys Brigade. It was there that I gained my first insight into the God of the Bible, although church then was more of a place to attend rather than a consistent part of my life. In 1987, through a school friend called Tim Baalham (now of Spring Mount Fellowship), I was introduced to the concept of a personal relationship with Christ. Around that time I visited Emmanuel Christian Centre just once and even then I knew that God was calling me to lead here in some way.

Later I moved to Redditch in the English Midlands and this is where I spent most of what I call ‘my prodigal years’. During this time I made some wrong choices and resisted God’s call on my life. I always knew deep-down that I was called to the church but I’d fallen for the lie that God just wanted to restrict my life and make me miserable. I thought God was against all the fun things in life; how wrong I was! God’s desire was for me to enter the fullness of life which is a life consumed by knowing Him. Thankfully, He allowed me to reach a place of brokenness which caused me to cry out to Him. I had been the master of my own life for too long and I had made enough mistakes to prove it. Those rebellious years finally came to a God-ordained end when I asked Him if I could be one of His servants and He welcomed me home like a son!

Being a recipient of God’s grace and having another chance, I really do know that God transforms the lives of real people from all types of backgrounds. I had made wrong choices, my life wasn't good and my background is ignoble, yet I know first-hand that an extraordinary God loves ordinary people just like you and me.

In response to God’s clear direction I returned to Ulverston in 2002 to join the Emmanuel Christian Centre. By His grace and with support from the then Pastor, Stuart Matthews, I became a cell-group leader in 2005 and I joined the leadership team as an elder and managing trustee in 2006. I was also employed for a couple of years as the Assistant Pastor and became the Senior Minister in 2013.

Alongside my work here at the Centre, I serve on the council for Churches in Communities International (CiC) for which I am an Ambassador, and I am Chaplain for Cumbria Fire and Rescue. CiC exists to provide accountability, recognition and accreditation to independent churches and ministries, thus creating confidence in the independent church sector. I am also involved with Servants of the Lord Ministries (SOLM). SOLM is a non-denominational training ministry serving the body of Christ and their aim is to reach those who want to know God. Their foundational book, My Sheep Hear My Voice by JC Hedgecock, has been a source of inspiration to me and many other believers around the world. I believe the message presented is invaluable to all Christian’s who have a heart after God, from the seasoned saint to the returning prodigal. My involvement with SOLM gives me opportunities throughout the year to visit other believers around the world who are crying out to know and understand God, so far visiting around 26 nations.

On these missons I meet believers from various ministries, church movements and christian sects, so to be marked within a Christian brand just isn’t enough for me. I aspire to grow in the knowledge of Truth and to present it regardless of which denominational marker that crosses. In simplest terms I’d describe myself as a follower of Christ, it’s His teaching I want to follow and it's Him I want to know. As far as I am concerned, like the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Philippian church, everything is absolute rubbish compared to knowing God.