Paul Sedgwick - Trustee
Our main Sunday service is 10:30am
Mill Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7EB

portraitpaulandkarengreyoutI currently serve as a trustee at Emmanuel Christian Centre which involves working with the Church Council to manage the charity and liaise with our missions around the world. My wife, Karen, and I are also the managers of the Re:Vista coffeeshop which is located within the centre. The proceeds from the coffeeshop go towards charity and the missions we support.

I was born and educated in Ulverston and feel so blessed to have enjoyed this part of the country for my upbringing. Even though I was brought up in a non Christian home, I do have some memories of attending a Sunday school as a toddler.

When I was 12 years old, I attended a little church on Union Street in the town to join a group called Royal Rangers. Initially it was somewhere to go and have fun for one night each week. I did have fun and played games but this was the place where I was given my first bible - I couldn't write my name in it fast enough! Eventually I started attending the Sunday services and getting to know some of the people but this all ended abruptly when my teacher started attending the church. I thought it was too ‘un-cool' to be seen at church where my teacher went so I left, leaving the bible behind with my name on!

I left home at 17 to study catering and went on to be head chef at one of the hotels in the lake district. This is where I met my wife and we married in June 2004. Just after this I changed career and went self-employed in property development which I still continue to do.

We had two beautiful children, Teigan and Jaden, but life seemed to be passing by and something was missing but we didn't know what it was back then. We went through some tough times and eventually life's pressures were too much and our relationship was seriously on the rocks. When things couldn't get any worse, rock bottom in fact, Karen found out what had been missing in our lives and she realised it was Jesus. The Lord directed her to the church here at Emmanuel Christian Centre and I followed a couple of months later after seeing the transformation God had made in her life. God changes lives and we had experienced it first-hand. We continue to thank the Lord for the love and comfort He bestowed on us when we needed Him most. By His grace and with a revived marriage, we went on to have a third child named Keira.

The miracle for me was that Emmanuel Christian Centre was formed from that little church on Union Street I attended as a child. Although it took me 27 years to return to my Father's arms, that very same bible I was given was still there with my name written in it. As if God had it waiting for my return!

God is faithful and we continue to walk in His grace and build our relationship with Him so that we can get to know Him who loved us so much. We aim to show Him our love by following His plan for our lives. He knows the end from the beginning, so who better to have in the driving-seat of our life than the one who wants the best for all His children.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Sedgwick