My Sheep Hear My Voice
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SOLMlogosmallThe message of 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' has been taken to over 100 nations since the commission was first given to Pastor J.C. Hedgecock in 1975. The teaching is based around communion and fellowship with God on a very personal level and it's an invaluable message for those with a heart after God who want to know Him. Servants of the Lord Ministries (SOLM) was founded in 1979 as the ministry to deliver this life-changing message.

MSHMVbookcoversmThe message of 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' will teach you how to hear the voice of the Lord and how to be led by his Spirit. It is a 'pearl of great price' for those who want to know God personally and who want to fellowship with Him on a consistent basis. The message is not simply a theory but an experiential reality passed on from the founder of SOLM, Pastor J.C. Hedgecock. The keys in this message were unlocked by J.C. over many years by walking with the Lord on a daily basis and seeking to hear his voice in matters from the most minute to those which were life-changing. The teaching of 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' is also included in the book of the same name.

Thousands of seminars, conferences, group meetings and church services have been held around the world as an introduction and aide to this message. Emmanuel Christian Centre hosts these meetings by request and options are available for groups of any size. An SOLM representative can also visit your church or small-group to introduce the message. The session are flexible and can be a one day workshop, weekend seminar or week long conference, determined by the availability and requirements of the delegates. The course content can be tailored for individuals, church groups or leadership teams. Attendees should expect encouragement, exhortation and conviction as they seek to know God and make the necessary adjustments.

Session titles include: A Good Foundation, Why God Created Man, Hearing the Lord, Practical Steps to Fellowship with God, Confirming God's Voice, The Narrow Way, The Mature Communication System, Dealing with the Flesh, Overcoming Hindrances and many other keys to having a loving relationship with God.

MSHMVstudyguidesmA study guide has been produced by SOLM to help you learn and apply the teaching in the 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' book. It is intended to help you as you seek to hear the Lord’s voice and develop close communion with Him. The study guide focuses on the main teaching points and provides added emphasis on the areas that will produce a rapid change in your relationship with God, should you apply them to your daily life. It will give you a solid foundation and start you on your way to walking with the Lord consistently. The guide has been written in a clear and simple manner so that everyone from a newborn believer to a seasoned saint can fully understand what is presented.

The study guide can be completed personally for spiritual growth or there is an email correspondence option for receiving scores and feedback with a certificate on completion*. At Emmanuel Christian Centre the study can be completed in a group format with the help of a ministry representative. There are also opportunities for SOLM representatives to conduct the group study in your setting.

To undertake this course you will need to own a copy of My Sheep Hear My Voice by J.C. Hedgecock (Revised Version) ISBN 0-945255-32-2, 170 pages, ©2002.

Please contact our office for more information and discuss the options.

  • Emmanuel Christian Centre: +44(0)1229 586136
  • Servants of the Lord Ministries: +44(0)115 7773031

*Those undertaking the SOLM ministerial course and seeking ordination are advised to contact SOLM directly before applying locally at Emmanuel Christian Centre.